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Upon reflection, I have learnt how vitally important it is to practice meditation and reflection on a daily basis to discover the various chasms associated with its practice and observation.  I have discovered how this practice has empowered me and enriched my life.  I feel such clarity now.  
I have gained and adopted a new spiritual family, and they have positively enriched my life beyond words - we have so much fun!  My training has absolutely confirmed that this is my calling, my passion, my gift.  I am ready to impart my spiritual wisdom upon others and to help them enrich their spiritual lives also finding clarity and focus.
Never did I expect that there would be so many valuable tools available to us: to positively empower others, and take them on the journey of their lives, enriching and giving them the gift of clarity, focus, balance, spirituality and good health.     
ACT Work Safe Consultant

Firstly, I just want to say this has been an amazing personal journey for me that has changed my life and allowed me to see life with fresh eyes.  I got to meet and work with some amazing people- and Natalie you are a true breathe of fresh air, a true Goddess and Healer and a friend for life.  I have learnt so much and have been given amazing tools that I can not only use for my own development, but tools and knowledge than I can pass on to potential clients, friends and family members.  I had never meditated before, done any form of yoga or been able to manage stress in my life without falling to pieces.  Meditation is now part of my everyday life and I make sure I have time for it everyday.  (I look forward to my little piece of relaxation heaven, I LOVE IT.)  The gratitude journalling allowed me to reflect and be thankful for everything I have now, and made me realise how much I do have. The stress management allowed me to identify and put things in place to prevent and deal with it. Chair yoga is such a beautiful, flowing and enjoyable practice everyone must try it.  All different forms of meditation from full body relaxation to mindfulness right down to movement meditation. (That was a blast!)  Maslows Hierachy of Needs- INTENSE and I absolutely adored learning about chakras, and how to balance them with meditation.  I will be able to use the holistic counselling skills and tools to help people see the world in a more positive light, and who says POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS don't work: I use them and IT WORKS!!! I am truly blessed to have stumbled upon your advertisement and taken the opportunity to step outside the box and do this course.  Cannot thank you enough.  Can't wait to start Qigong with you.
RDO Administrator

This course has wowed me from the beginning.... professional with excellent scientific explanations. It's REAL and it WORKS: it EMPOWERS people beyond words.  On a personal level, it is not just a course- it is a holistic approach to your healing, looking at yourself first and every area of your life. It gifts you tools to utilise with your own family and life so you can practise these techniques everyday. It is personal holistic counselling with oneself, it gives you a fantastic overview of your life, what you want to achieve and how to get there. It pushed me to face my fears, dig deep into what my worries and concerns are and made me realise I don't have anything to be concerned with: I just need to act to take baby steps towards my goals, and rise above those hiccups like presents.  I am an experienced meditator and never thought I would gain so MUCH!!!!!
It has ignited a fire in me - giving me more strength to pursue helping others in a more meaningful way, and the tools and templates to utilities.It's important to me not just to do something for the sake of it, but with meaning. Success to me is when people not only start meditating, but can feel the difference it is making.
I loved the flight fight response information; with my nursing training I totally understand and I have lived with stress for many years. I felt my body completely relax, and the relaxation response help me recognise what triggers my stress so I can avoid it or plan around it now.  I also realised I worry about insignificant things and its better to address them for 10 minutes each day and make plans to solve these issues... no road blocks just options.
I can't recommend it highly enough... FANTASTIC COMPACT LIFE CHANGING COURSE.   
Registered Nurse/Business Owner