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Self-Healing Short Courses

Self-Healing QiGong

Half-Day Course - $120 investment ($100 concession)

Learn about Qi (chi):

  • What is energy, how do we keep energised and healthy?
  • Open to receive more energy in
  • Create more internal vital energy, opening charkas to allow energy in to our vital organs
  • Become more vital and energised and heal from within

Stress Management and Meditation

Six Week Short Course - $200 investment ($180 concession)

  • Learn techniques to reverse the damaging effects of stress on our bodies
  • Learn what stress does to us physiologically
  • Learn different techniques that will bring more happiness into your life
  • Learn how and why staying in the flow, living in the NOW is so important and
  • Meditations and techniques to reduce stress and increase happiness for overall health and wellbeing.