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Self Healing Qi Gong

Qigong is about working with energy.

What is energy?

We are energy, life is energy, we are surrounded by energy, everything is ENERGY.

We have energy within our bodies when we can connect within and then connect to the universal energy - merge with this energy magic happens.

For me Qigong Healing has changed my life, kept me emotionally very strong and stable, and Healthy.  I have not had one cold in the last 9 years. I was attracted to Healing myself… I had an inner knowing we could all heal ourselves… I found a book on Healing Qigong that Deepak Chopra had endorsed and I stated reading it a few years later, then part way through I meet someone who could teach me by accident at a retreat.

Back in 2006 there were maybe 4 people I was told who knew Qigong in NZ and it was not well known around the west. It had gone underground in Asia as it was deemed to be too powerful, creating resilient individuals.

Why I commenced? I was in Adrenal Fatigue, high cortisol levels, sleeping difficulties and being told I had cancer. I had a very challenging and angry teenage step son, a blended family and a young son of my own, a new husband and a 12 year old step daughter going on 16. I had commenced in my own business in Recruitment back in 2001, had staff and I had purchased offices, I had huge financial pressure on my shoulders as well.

Qigong for me kept me in the optimum health and has help heal my body, mind and soul from life experiences and traumas without having to drag it all up in discussion as in Psychology. I was not in optimum health back then, I had a black mole …I watched this mole turn from very black to brown in amazement. I had no idea what was going on but just knew this energy I felt while doing qigong was keeping me stable and in a positive frame of mind no matter what was going on in my life.

Qigong helped stabilize my emotions and heal my soul from past trauma. I have practiced daily for 9 years it felt that good to me. I notice the difference in my energy levels and mood or emotions when I do not practice for a day…

I use it for my Health Insurance now.

The energy of joy(love) which is what I can transfer to you; lifts your spirit, opens your heart, and fills you with enthusiasm for life. With Wisdom Healing Qigong we are connecting to the entire energy system (universal energy) and the purpose of Qigong is is to connect at a much deeper level merging with this energy and cultivating it outward and inward.

Any dis-ease in the body is an energy block!

Qigong UNBLOCKS any stagnant energy, it balances and unblocks your entire system, your physical body, your emotional mind and soul, it balances and unblocks all biological systems including your heart circulatory system, kidneys urinary system, digestive system stomach spleen, The purification system liver, lungs respiratory system and your overall body.

We feel younger, increase vitality, healthier, deeper passion for life and keeps you on the right path and you feel deeply connected with life and the inner alchemy of life, we cultivate energy which turns into inner strength flowing inside ourselves, inside our organs, heart, lung, brain that effects the overall body…its an internal energetic ART… inner wisdom.

Qigong can enhance anything you are engaging with… sports, arts, intelligence, emotional strength, engaging with life… deep connection with our health and bodily functions.

Happiness beyond the physical you feel an inner love and joy in your spiritual dimension. Experience the true flow of life, natural flow of life.

I am currently gaining a International Qualification in becoming a Teacher and Healer from Master Mingtong in America, he has worked in Qigong Hospitals where they treat Chronic Illnesses everyday.  He has had a chronic illness himself and healed himself using Qigong.

He has treated personally over 200,000 people with results that impress. These people have no choice with their Disease, they are told there is no treatment, we are talking CHRONIC DISEASES. After an intense retreat or practice over a few months, clients are tested every 4 weeks in laboratories. The results are 97% improvement with all clinets,50- 70% end up symptom free, and 30-50% with no trace what so every of the disease.  Once you  have a disease in your body it effects the other surrounding organs as it is weak it relies on other systems to prop it up so to speak... this energy dosent stop healing it continues to heal you...you will need to practise though to reach these levels and the benefits are Over whelming health and happiness.

There is HOPE out there if you what control back over your health and wellbeing and to live a life free of FEAR.

Enquire Today... new classes commencing soon - Videos being made up so you can use these in your own home so you can practise effectively daily or twice daily depending if you have a chronic disease or purely heightening your awareness and vitality and want to be like me in optimum Health living without FEAR just in LOVE!

Preliminary Practises commencing:

Open the physical body, Back Opener ; nourishing the spin relieving pain, stiffness, arthritis, trauma, and wear and tear injuries... you get bone marrow improvements it treats neurological conditions parkinsons MS memory loss bipolar insomnia headaches....

For me and I have only practised this style for 2 weeks and are 100% Healthy; I can feel it tweaking every single little physical injury I have ever had;

my tailbone,(fell over in ski boots on ice, feel down stairs in socks) back,(old nursing injury from 30 years ago) elbow (cracked playing Netball), Head (almost #skull from car accident 30 years ago); I feel taller, more aligned again and its just a great stretch!!!

Learning Qigong...  Each step is progression to a deeper energetic opening; with acceptance(of our injuries and the subtle energy), activation of the energy happens, Appreciation of this practise and those masters before us.

Lessons will be on a concession basis:

Weekly rates  $25 for the week come as often as you like

Monthly rates  $100 come as often as you like

3 monthly rates  $250  come as often as you like

One on One rates are $100 an hour or 10 sessions for $800 

Daily 10am  133 Ivo Whitton Circuit, Kambah   - bookings essential

For one on one treatments or evening classes please enquire today.

Natalie Crabtree


133 Ivo Whitton Circuit, Kambah, ACT 2902 Australia