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                                         Welcome to Absolute Energy Medicine

Absolute Energy Medicine is focused on empowering you toward a path of self-healing.   My name is Natalie and I orginally trained as a Registered and Obstetric Nurse in Thames Hospital; New Zealand.  I owned a Recruitment company for 20 years and now Im lucky enough to be following my heart.  Through life experiences and my inner quest for knowledge and understanding,  I was lead to Self healing Qigong.  It is an old proven Medically based program from 1000s of years ago.  It not only works on the Physical Body clearing all Dis-Ease but it worked holistically where all our 7 biological systems integrated and  worked as one.  Our Circulatory system impacts our endocrine system which impacts our lympathic, skeletal and muscular, heart and circulatory, brain function... and it goes on... at a molecular level we are energy our cells have their very own intellectual system they respond to.  We have more neurons in our heart than our Brain.  

The more positively Mindful we are and the deeper our understanding is and the more effective we are as self healers. 

Absolute Energy Medicine offer holistic healing treatments and education tools and techniques to assist you with:

  • Stress management and Mindful health
  • Active education and self empowerment for those who desire to be the best they can be
  • More Energy, More Life, More Health , More Fun... abundance in life

Our minds are very much in control of our physical health.

Alot of Our beliefs are pre-programmed subconsciously from when we are born and often before the age of six

Our bodies are self-healing given the right conditions –  improve our energy improve our health

QiGong is a scientifically proven method of maintaining and improving energy, healing physical and emotional  dis - ease  in the body.

Absolute Energy Medicine also offer a range of professional training courses and ongoing practitioner support to provide you with all the skills and guidance you need to create the career and lifestyle you are dreaming of.  

We have recently re-branded our college to ACT Academy for Mindfulness Pty Ltd.  

Pursue a career as a:

  • Holistic Counsellor 
  • Meditation Teacher
  • Meditation therapist
  • Chair yoga instructor
  • Trigger Point Therapist
  • Autonomic Nervous System Realignment Therapist
  • Mind/Body Medicine Therapist          
For  further information, visit  Our Courses or to www.actmindfulness.com