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                 activating healing powers of univeral energy within... 

I am a Registered Nurse and business woman with a passion for Holistic Health.  I have owned and operated a successful recruitment business for the past 16 years working internationally across London, NZ and Australia. 

I am an energy Healer channelling christ conscious golden energy.

I am Certified in Reiki, Tibetan Acupressure, Holistic Counselling, Chair Yoga and Meditation. 

I am an energy conduit and can transfer this universal healing energy to you to help with ALL health aliments and connect you to this energy  so you can feel it.

Clients have mentioned they are able to see the energy they have received in treatment when watching a video of me doing Qigong. I can teach you to learn to work with it yourself. Everyone has a different experience, and the white light has its own intelligence - it knows exactly where to go to work.  

I have a belief we can heal ourselves. In working with Qi, we can achieve ultimate wellness of the body and mind.  I have not had a cold or infection or any aliment since practising Qigong (10 years); and if I feel anything going on in my body it clears after I have practised Qigong for the day.  

Health Consultants from NEShealth.com have asked me "What do you do?/ We have never had a clear picture on our Health scanning device previously", 

I told them "I practice Self Healing Qigong daily".  They told me I have a clear pathway for healing and are balanced by the electromagnetic fields which relate to taking in the earth's energy.  

I also connect with universal energy and combine this during Qigong  in our heart - with the earths energy, giving you the full power of the universe.  I have realised over time this is my difference as not everyone is connected to this powerful universal energy.  Disease is blocked energy, universal energies unblock and free disease within and turns cancerous cells back to normal cells.  I watched a melaonoma on a lip shrink under my hands.  This energy is now truly amazing.  I also have the science behind it in my course work.

My belief is that Self healing Qigong and Mindfulness is the best insurance policy you ever take out.

I am an registered and insured practitioner.